KY: Do the debunking celebrities stand to lose or be embarrassed by your findings?

CR: Who would lose by knowing the truth? We've debated that. Everyone gains by knowing the truth.

LR: There is something to the Roswell story.

CR: It's quite remarkable. Phenomenal. We found evidence of several different things occurring in very close proximity... which has perhaps confused people in the past. That's why when we suspect that perhaps everyone is telling the truth, maybe they are.

LR: I haven't found a liar in this case yet, among the direct witnesses.

CR: Larry and I were astounded when we realized what happened. It took us a while to get used to the idea. We weren't too sure that we really wanted to share it with people.

CC: Will this damage the reputations of historical figures? Such as General Ramey?

LR: Ramey said it was a weather balloon.

CR: If Ramey said it was a weather balloon, and we say it wasn't a weather balloon, does that damage him? Sure it does.

LR: If you were to ask me if General Ramey KNEW it wasn't a weather balloon when it WAS a weather balloon...? Remember the saying: I did NOT have sexual relations with that woman - Will this be the first time in history that a leader has lied to those he leads? No way.

CC: What about Truman and Eisenhower? Did they know?

CR: We would SUSPECT that they knew, but we can't answer absolutely.

CC: Do you feel there are people out there now that currently know the truth?

CR: Yes. There are people out there that know what we know. Those who know are not like Larry and I, they were most probably involved with this incident to a certain extent.

CC: Are the people who are covering this up doing so for the 'good of the people?'

CR: No.

LR: When you issue an official statement that it was a weather balloon when you know that it was not a weather balloon, somebody is covering something up.

CR: It's not like people have gone out of their way to cover this up. That didn't start until about 1985, per say.

LR: The coverup was so effective.

CR: People were sworn to secrecy. They didn't divulge any secrets.

KY: Would this be due to a National Security concern?

CR: Well it's always due to National Security. In other words, if it's in the best interest of our nation not to divulge information, that's National Security.

KY: Can you comment on any researcher findings where you address the reported 'hieroglyphics' found on the wreckage?

LR: We actually write about that, addressing it head on. It's an important part of the story... it's very relevant to our explanation.

CC: Have you ever felt any concern for your well being while you had conducted this investigation?

LR: I'm not concerned about it at all. There was that one weird day, I was a little emotional that day. But I don't worry about it.

CR: There's too many people that know that Larry and I worked on this, so if something happened to us that would be... let's put it this way. We're not going to be on some people's "best list." These are sensitive findings.

KY: What precautions have you taken?

CR: None. The actual information that is contained in this book is already in the hands of certain persons, and if something happened to Larry and I, the details would become known. There is a very good chance that someone else has a copy besides us.

KY: What about the alleged retrieval of a 'corpse' or two from the Roswell incident? How do your findings stand to effect the people who believe alien corpse's were retrieved?

LR: We don't contradict any testimony. We find nothing to prove that any person was lying.

CR: Only Glenn Dennis knows whether he's telling the truth or not, we would have no reason to disbelieve him, in fact we find it plausible that he is telling the truth... and there was a nurse.

KY: Is there a connection to the 'monkey situation' where dead monkeys were mistaken for aliens?

CR: There were no monkeys.

CC: Did they say humans?

LR: What did they say they saw? They were always described as being humanoid.

CR: I have researched everything there is, and have not read anything that says they were not humanoid.

KY: Where does the 'extra-terrestrial hypothesis' fit into this. Can you address any suspicions that something 'otherworldly' happened at Roswell?

LR: Don't go by what you read today, but go back to what was said then, from the original interviews.

KY: Are you confident that there were aliens there?

LR: When it gets to the point of asking who is this or where did it come from... who is it's mom and dad... I don't know that. But if you go back and read what is stated right then... you can believe it.

CC: I've never read of any accounts from 1947 regarding humanoid reports from Roswell...

LR: Read what Glenn Dennis said the nurse told him.

CC: The six-fingered alien with little pads on its fingers?

CR: One of the hands was severed...

LR: The closer it is to the time of the event, the more accurate the description. Now if it's the second-cousin to the uncle who sat on the schoolbus next to the grandfather of the person who saw it -- don't believe it.

CR: How many bodies?

LR: There are differing accounts. Some say four, some say five or six.

CC: Do you feel there have been craft that has crashed elsewhere?

LR: There's a lot of stuff going on out there, no doubt about it.

CR: Nothing we can prove.

KY: We had discussed Dorothy Kilgallen during an earlier, private discussion. During a 1953 newspaper article, she referenced a British source that disclosed information to her about the retrieval of aliens. What -from this- can be drawn into your research?

CR: We wanted to know who the British source was. Somebody told Dorothy this, a Statesperson. Larry and I looked at this and wanted to know WHO told Dorothy this story, and more so, we wanted to know WHY they told her this story. The WHY is more important than the WHO. We don't say whatever they told her was true or untrue, we look at this issue and ask WHY she was told this. It's not WHAT they told her.

CC: Were there others reporting similar things during this time period?

LR: No, it was quiet.

CR: But we want to know why.

KY: What steps have you taken to secure a publisher?

LR: We are obviously not writers, for we have taken all the wrong steps. We thought we had a story that was so timely and important that publishers would come to us. That's how naive we were. When we realized that wouldn't happen, we took the first step in contacting a few publishers and they said "go away and play by the rules." You have to have a query letter and chapter, etcetera, that's the way this industry works. If it was possible to do it wrong, we've done it wrong. It's a business like any other.

CR: They want us to tell them the whole story before they agree to publish.

LR: There is a book proposal format that has to be followed, asking what the topic is and where it fits in the Library of Congress, then you have to attach one or two chapters. We did write a new chapter exclusively to use in this process. We've talked to two different movie studios... both called us. One talked to use for about two hours one night trying to beat us down, but we wouldn't tell them the story.

CR: We offered to go to California and New York to sit down with someone who would read it in front of us. We would only allow them to read it in our presence. If they didn't want to publish it, they would have to forget everything they've read. It's frustrating. If it is right for the story to be told, then it will be told. If it's not, it won't. If I were to tell you the whole story right now of what happened at Roswell, you wouldn't be able to stand it. You would be on the phone within four minutes of leaving here and everyone would know what happened.

CC: How will religious people view your evidence? Will they be greatly upset by it?

LR: We really don't have any way of knowing that.

CC: So they won't be jumping off of buildings or anything?

CR: I don't know, WE may get pushed off a building or two. These findings may spin you around in a circle a couple of times and set you back down, but it depends upon your psychological makeup.

LR: What percentage of the population would really care? I don't know.

KY: When will the book be due?

LR: It takes three to six months to get through the review process. I could be sitting here six months from now going through a dozen rejection letters, scratching my head saying: "Go figure."

CR: We haven't been out there beating doors down. To us, the money doesn't mean all that much, we would like to retire someday and have a little extra, but this isn't going to be it. But while it's not the money, it's also the idea that Larry and I don't necessarily need the notoriety.

LR: We could never publish under 'assumed names.'

KY: Why 'Ice Man Down?' What is the significance of the title?

LR: There are two tracks through the book. There is the track about all the strange things that happened to us, and then there is the other track that is the historical track. There are passages that we wrote to make the historical track a continuous one, and these passages we call 'scenarios.' In one or more of these scenarios, we discuss a teletype message that came down from headquarters. Well, we don't have an exact teletype message which may have come from headquarters, but we know that this information got from this person to that person, and it was probably a teletype message. The Air Force and The Army always had code-names they used, and Ice Man was a CODE-NAME. A made-up code-name. It has a significance that you wouldn't realize if you weren't involved.

KY: Do you fear someone else coming up with the answer before your book is published?

LR: There's no information anyone can gather based on what was said during this interview, but I'm not naive enough to think that there aren't other people out there that are interested in this topic like we are that could come to these conclusions.

CC: Will anyone be brought out of the woodwork that will have to give an account for themselves?

CR: Well many of the people involved are no longer with us. This was more than fifty years ago, and some of the people who were sworn to secrecy might yet come forward, but there's probably not too many around.

CC: What are the key questions you would ask if you met one of these persons?

CR: I'd just look them right in the eye and smile, because then they would know that we know. That smile would be enough. And they wouldn't be able to stand it...

KY: Will the readers be satisfied or disappointed?

CR: Golly, that depends on what camp they belong to, I guess. We don't belong to any camp.

LR: It's really easy to follow this book, you won't have to be a rocket scientists to read this. I think people will like the way this research is conducted.

CC: Do you feel good about this research and what you have come across?

LR: Just speaking for me... I never feel happy with anything I do, I don't know why. This book is the same way. I really wish I knew a little more about this or that. But overall, our answer is right.

CR: We're still working on it. It's not done, like anything. We haven't found the borders to the puzzle. But there are some areas where we have a real good feeling about what we have learned.

KY: Thanks for the interview. We'll be looking forward to the book.

LR: Thank you.

Additional Comment:

I met with Curt and Larry several times prior to this interview. I am impressed with their sincerity and credibility. They have told of the 'Keepers of The Secret' who work still today to conceal the truth of The Roswell Incident. The Keepers have much to hide, and a great embarrassment to gain. While writing this book, they claim that an office has been broken into... and they have been followed.

Both Curt and Larry claim to sleep well at night, that their findings have not induced a climate of panic or fear in their lives. They do claim, however, to see things with a different outlook. They do not think the Roswell Revelation will unravel society or induce panic.

They speak with rock-solid assurance of having the final answer to this legendary mystery.

Whether otherworldly beings were involved at Roswell they will not elaborate upon as of yet. They simply say: "There's something for everyone in this book."

They believe their findings could re-write history. Based upon my conversations with these gentlemen, I strongly suspect they could have some information which may be potentially explosive.

Kenny Young

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