Re-typed newspaper article:

"Strange Things Are Happening"
Little Men Chase Youths,
Cops Chase Glow

By Si Cornell

It was a good clear night with the countryside swathed in the perfect glow of a cheese-green moon.

Naturally enough, a little green man who took three giant steps appeared in Winton Woods, and a flickering glow, obviously from the pulsating exhaust of a space ship, appeared over the Fernald atomic plant.

Both were sighted at the same time, 10:53 p.m.

Cleophas Strange, 18, of 308 Boal Street, looked out of the rear window of an auto parked on Lakeside Drive in Winton Woods, and stuttered: "B-b-bill, you b-b-better get o-o-out of here!"

The little green man had arrived.

Bill Wallace, 18, also of 308 Boal Street, merely was delivering Donna Meiers, 13, to the rear of her home, which fronts on 1065 Winton Road. Also in the auto was Marlene McLeaster, 15, of Beech Drive, Springfield Township.

"Bobo - that's what we call Cleophas - sounded scared," said Bill. "Then I looked back and saw that green thing. It looked only 31/2 or 4 feet tall. But it took only three steps and covered 40 feet. It was only four feet from the back of the car and it could of got us if it wanted to. I had to get the car

"Call me Jim," said Cleophas, "it sure was there, bigger than life. It was slick green." The moon hit it, and Bill's car lights hit it, too. Scared? You're telling me! I'll belt the first guy who laughs."

Donna, whom everybody agrees was closest to the miniature monster, said: "It was slimy-looking like a snake. It had clothes, but they looked like they were painted on."

"It had a dark greenish glow, but what scared you were the eyes," said Donna. "They were yellow, like a cat's eyes, only bigger, with dark centers. They glowed. The head was round and had something fuzzy like hair or a hat on it.

The four rushed off to the nearest police. In this case, the Greenhills police, of course. After investigation, came this report from County Patrolman Ralph Conlon, Car 907, at 12:18 a.m.:

"They said a small man about four feet tall, colored green, with yellow eyes approached the car. They took off and as they drove off, were aware of a strong odor. Greenhills police and patrolman [Colan] checked the scene and found a skunk on the prowl, accompanied by the unusual odor."

The youngsters, however, said Patrolman Conlon had one thing wrong. "They didn't smell anything unusual until they went back to the scene with the officers. There was a skunk there then, all right.

Sgt. Ralph Weber, of county-police, turned to Patrolman Maurice Wiseman at 10:55 p.m. in Car-914 and said: "People have been seeing things in the sky at 2 and 3 a.m. Let's keep an eye out."

"You mean like that over there?" asked Patrolman Wiseman.

Sgt. Weber said: "We were on Hamilton Pike, and it looked like the glow was over the atom plant. It was something like the exhaust from an airliner. It flickered, and once in a while it had a reddish cast.

"We watched it while going over there," Sgt. Weber said. "It would drop 100 to 300 feet, then go back up. Sometimes it would dart off to the side, like it couldn't stay stationary. I never did see anything solid. When we got over Fernald, there was nothing at. It had disappeared."

Patrolman Ernest Nehrer, in Car 901 also radioed to headquarters about the glow, and several other persons watched it, at least one of whom had field glasses. Sgt. Weber said he sure was glad other people saw it, too.

Officials at the atomic plant said they have no equipment there that would cause such a phenomenon. But both the National Lead Co.,  plant operators, and the Atomic Energy Commission said investigation has started.

Ralph Bardoff, director here for the Ground Observers Corps, said: "People have been seeing saucers and little green men all over this area. We're having a meeting about it Sept. 14 at the Anderson Township School."

Mr. Bardoff said Air Force experts are expected to attend.


Another Fernald UFO Sighting happened in November of '94, and was documented by security cameras, videotapes of which were quietly retained by the Department of Energy for several years until an anonymous informant told of the incident. For details of this report, see -

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